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Stay in touch with your customers on a regular basis in a relevant way that isn’t salesy. laptop dashboard

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Keeping in touch when you don’t have anything to say

Maybe you ended up here because you know how important email marketing is, but when it comes to actually sending an email, you don’t know what to say.

Email is the best way to keep in touch with your customers, but finding the right tools, time, and inspiration can hold you back.

We’ve made it easy to send relevant content to your customers as often as you like. Our built in comprehensive Content Library is filled with high quality sources in countless fields. Easily construct your own newsletter with our tool in a matter of minutes.

It’s super easy to use. With other ‘newsletter’ solutions we always had to create the actual newsletter. With it’s done completely for us. Imagine never creating a newsletter again and getting a higher level of engagement than when you did. That’s been our experience.

– Andy B. on

Social media vs. email

Social media will always be a fickle friend to small businesses. You know you have to have it but what do you really gain from it? Sales? New customers? Not much of either.

The rules of social media are always changing. New algorithms, new trends, it becomes more saturated everyday.

But you own your email list and that will never change. You have direct access to the one inbox almost everybody uses. And now you can start sending your customers an email completely tailored to them.


“The idea of being able to connect with the people who matter most to us in a valuable and ongoing way was irresistible.” - Tarik S.


Marketing with a small team

Small businesses don’t have the luxury of a huge marketing team. But whether that team is a few people or only one, the work still has to get done.

Like many small business workers, you probably have to wear many hats at your job. There are never enough hours in a work day and that’s why it is critical to automate as much of your workload as you can.

Whether you have a lot to say or nothing at all – we can help you keep in touch with your customers in a regular (and not spammy) way. has been our small business game changer! Very user friendly and easy to setup! We are a startup with not a ton of time, and has given us the opportunity to stay top of mind to all of our clients without us having to think about it. Great customer service too!

– Emery K. on

Improve efficiency through Content Relationship Automation

We all share one common yet scarce resource: time.

When you choose to automate, you are choosing to liberate your team members from redundancy and free them up to build real connections.

Automation generates results because you can engage with a new level of frequency without having to spend more time, effort or money.


Growth for Small Businesses

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