How to leverage both Mailchimp and to build lasting relationships

If you send emails to large groups, chances are you’ve at least heard of Mailchimp, if not joined the hundreds of thousands of people who use it. The platform has set the standard for email marketing automation, allowing users to easily build, send and track performance on email campaigns. We love what Mailchimp is doing and use it all the time here at

But, wait. Doesn’t do email, too? Wouldn’t that make Mailchimp a competitor? Not quite. Actually, the two platforms work well in tandem. We use both, and so do many of our customers. Let us explain.

There are lots of different email service providers, or ESPs, to choose from out there. Mailchimp is, no doubt, one of the heavy hitters. A lot of platforms large and small are working to offer a similar service. There are also smaller, niche ESPs, like Send Pulse and, you guessed it,, working to deliver specific features and technology that build on what platforms like Mailchimp have done for email marketing.

Our focus at is the email newsletter. Specifically, we work to make sure that the content your newsletter subscribers receive (articles, videos, etc.) is the best possible content for that reader in that moment. That means sending what amounts to a completely customized email newsletter to every single subscriber on your list.

Make Your Newsletter a Friend: Getting Past the Pitchware

That kind of responsive email is almost impossible to build by hand in an email marketing platform. Can you imagine re-designing your email newsletter thousands of times over to meet the needs of every subscriber? Yeah, not gonna happen.

Instead, our system leverages artificial intelligence to sift through and collect content from specific sources hand-picked by the newsletter sender. It then tracks how each reader interacts with the newsletter and uses that info to deliver articles that best match their interests.

The result is an email newsletter that is uniquely curated to each reader every time. Senders get personalized content in the time it takes to hit send and readers get stuff they actually want to read. Win-win.

So, back to Mailchimp. Mailchimp and are fundamentally different tools, which makes them great to use together. Mailchimp focuses on sending great emails and focuses on sending great customized email newsletters.

Here at, we use Mailchimp when we want to send a specific, singular message to our email list, for example a webinar invite or a time-sensitive discount code, as well as for automated email sequences which send out multiple emails in a series. We also send out a weekly email newsletter that shares links to useful articles, videos and other content about email marketing with our subscribers. For that, we use the platform.

Mailchimp allows us to design and send awesome promotional emails and other stand-alone messaging. Our own platform gives us the kind of personalized email newsletter our audience has come to expect. Many of our customers have found a similar compatibility between the two platforms, relying on Mailchimp for one-off email campaigns and for regular email newsletters.

With any project, you want to make sure to pick the best tool for the job at hand. Email marketing is no different. Looking to strengthen your email newsletter? That’s where can help.

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