ASAE and Webinar: Make Your Newsletter Smart

ASAE and Webinar: Make Your Newsletter Smart

In the last webinar, Amith Nagarajan of and Robb Lee of the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) shared how to get started using cutting-edge AI to power newsletter communications. They discussed how ASAE implemented technology for their Associations Now daily newsletter. Also, they talked about how they were able to increase member engagement through content personalization.  

Webinar hosts

The webinar hosts included: 

Robb Lee, the Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at ASAE. Robb has an extensive background in marketing and has been committed to providing value-added solutions to the association sector for over a decade now.

Amith Nagarajan is a serial software entrepreneur and Executive Chairman of He has founded, scaled and sold several successful companies including Aptify, a worldwide leader in software for non-profits and member-based organizations.

A shared commitment to innovation

The team at is focused on using artificial intelligence to “Better Inform the World” and we strive to do that through innovation. We use AI to understand customers better than ever and use those insights to curate and personalize newsletter content in new ways. We are also able to share those insights with our clients so that they can intelligently plan their own content strategies.

ASAE sees innovation as the solution to an original program, product, service, or process that adds value. It can be incremental or radical, but it comes down to this: a new idea that is successfully implemented. In a world that seems to be evolving at the speed of light, continuous innovation seems essential for any association that expects to remain relevant. ASAE is committed to leading that effort as a catalyst, role model, and incubator.

This shared commitment has led to the strategic partnership between and ASAE.

The smart newsletter

Associations Now Daily News, ASAE’s daily email newsletter, disseminates industry news, blogs, and thought leadership to nearly 50,000 association professionals every day. At the webinar, ASAE discussed how they began using’s AI-powered technology to personalize the Associations Now daily email. The AI learned the reader’s behaviors and used those insights to automatically generate a relevant subject line. It then fed them the articles they are most interested in reading.

ASAE saw a dramatic increase in open and click rates, as well as a better understanding of their members. In addition to the automated personalization, the ASAE staff were able to easily access these behavioral insights on the platform. Trending topics, sources, and articles were all readily available on the platform in real-time. The results ASAE got by using were not only measurable, but they also made the process easier – and smarter, too. 

Stay tuned for more ASAE and webinars in the future.

Boost membership engagement and increase revenue.

Cultivating relevancy through content.

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