Top 6 Exciting Feature Developments for Smart Newsletters

At, we are dedicated to helping our clients communicate with their audience in a meaningful way by using our Smart Newsletters. We are always thinking of ways to grow and improve our platform so our users have all of the tools they need to easily craft communications. Whether those are tools for email design, content curation or valuable insights, it is our goal to provide the best user experience possible. With that said, we are excited to announce some of our new feature developments.

1. Updated Articles Analytics Page

Here’s what’s new:

  • More open and click data. See the number of unique newsletter opens that include the articles, as well as the click rate and number of unique clicks for each article to better understand article-by-article conversion rates.
  • Click rates specifically for AI-recommended articles. This allows you to see our AI at work by showing the percentage of clicks per recommended article.
  • More valuable insights. Filter your most clicked on articles by the month, week, day or custom date range to gain an understanding of what current events or topics were most interesting to your members.

2. Share to Social Integration

Share your top articles to social media. Now you can promote the highest trending articles within your industry on your Twitter and/or LinkedIn account simply with the click of a button.

3. Revamped Sources Analytics Page

Here’s what’s new:

  • More open and click data. See the total number of articles from the source included in unique newsletter opens, the total number of unique clicks on articles from the source, and better understand your source-by-source conversion rates.
  • AI-specific click rates by source. This shows the percentage of clicks on AI-recommended articles for a specific source.
  • Group data by source or by publisher. You can now filter your source data by the original publisher. For example, if the Twitter is one of your sources and you tweeted a link to an article from The New York Times, you can now see the data for that specific publisher. Use this page to gain better insights on popular sources or publishers that you may not have originally identified as sources.

4. AI Knowledge Tier Analytics

Valuable audience data and AI insights. Our AI groups your audience into nine tiers, A through I, according to how many pieces of data it has gathered on an individual. The first tier is 0 and the last is 300+. This page will show you the correlation between higher open and click rates for members we know more about.

5. Today’s Newsletter Info

Here’s what’s new: 

  • Real-time analytics. Track your opens and clicks in real-time to see engagement by each hour of the day.
  • Subject line success. See which AI-generated subject lines are performing and converting the most opens and clicks.

6. Advanced Post Editing

Here’s what’s new: 

  • Adjusting article titles and descriptions. Infuse your own commentary or adjust the copy for any article in the Posts Page.
  • Upload an image. Use our image upload feature to adjust or add an image to be associated with a certain article.

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