3 Ways to Experiment with AI at Your Organization Right Now – Part II: Artificial Intelligence for Curating Individualized Email Content

Artificial Intelligence does what isn’t humanly possible, even with limited resources. It can find non-obvious correlations and patterns in customer data. It can interpret vast quantities of content and make sense of it.

The media loves speculating about AI’s potential, but there’s no need to get caught up in all the hype. The best place for your focus is AI’s practical applications for your association right now.

Organize and curate information automatically

It’s nearly impossible to keep taxonomies current and accurate because it’s a struggle to constantly review and tag content. But with AI, you never have to work on a taxonomy project again.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is an AI application you can use to understand the meaning of a written or spoken language. NLP makes automated taxonomies possible. It works in the background and does the heavy lifting so your taxonomy is always up to date.

But what if most of what your members read is from external sources? That’s not a problem because AI can analyze and tag external content, too. You can now provide a service your members have only dreamed of since you curate the industry information streaming by them each day.

Deliver daily, individualized, industry-related news to your readers

Now your members don’t have to spend time skimming through junk trying to find treasure. Instead, you send them a daily news brief containing personalized recommendations of content from internal and external sources that are most relevant to them based on an analysis of their data. That value makes your content worth the time it takes to open and read, and then some.

At home-dev.rasa.io, we’ve learned in our projects with organizations, clubs and businesses that AI-curated content drives higher engagement, and more email opens and clicks. As time goes on, AI analyzes a person’s behavior and learns what they’re interested in as well as their format and reading time preferences. This behavioral data is more reliable than self-reported data. As they say, actions speak louder, and more truthfully, than words.

You can use what you learn about your reader’s interests to make decisions about future events, educational programs and marketing content. As the software collects and analyzes data and algorithms adjust, engagement metrics continue to increase. A project of this scale is not humanly possible without the assistance of AI.

Learn more about engaging your readers with artificial intelligence

Rasa.io engages community members by curating content and delivering daily, individualized news briefs. If you are interested in engaging your membership by catering to their unique interests, learn about how home-dev.rasa.io can help.

This blog is the second part of a 3-blog series designed to teach associations about how artificial intelligence tools are accessible and effective for decreasing the association engagement gap. Read Part III: Using Artificial Intelligence to Help Forge Connections.  

Boost membership engagement and increase revenue.

Cultivating relevancy through content.

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