AI for member engagement

Every time you engage with your social media platforms, they become a little better at understanding what you want to see, which affects the content that they present to you. So, it is no coincidence that the product you were recently searching for via Google is being advertised at the top of your Facebook feed and pictured at the top of your Instagram.

For example, Facebook has become an expert on you because of its application of artificial intelligence. But what does that mean? AI leverages complex algorithms to sort through your engagement behavior in order to decide what you will find most interesting to present next in your feed.

As an experiment, scroll through your Facebook feed for a minute. Now try sorting it by “Most Recent.” Which gave you a more compelling read? This is in large part why Facebook still has over one billion active users after all these years. They have perfected the game of engagement.

AI isn’t just for social media

There are numerous applications of AI these days. There are even approachable applications of AI that will enable you to engage your members on a completely different level. So have you considered what throwing artificial intelligence into the mix will do for you?

At, we use AI to perfect the content that our client’s members receive. In a world with an overabundance of content, we help members sort through the noise and get connected with the articles, blogs, news and stories that are actually relevant to them. Learn how uses artificial intelligence to deliver the content your members want to read and increase your member engagement.

How AI Nurtures Engagement: An Infographic

How AI Increases Engagement

Boost membership engagement and increase revenue.

Cultivating relevancy through content.

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