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Here at PBD, we’re very passionate about the e-mail newsletter movement. Well-crafted email campaigns have not only become a staple in brand strategy but in some instances like The Hustle or The Skimm (and of course Paper Bag Daily), an entire business in itself. Everything is changing about how we take in information. And behind the scenes is an entire industry making that possible. is one of the companies changing the way you push send.

New Orleans Tech Leaders Offer Their Products and Software for Free

Biz New Orleans

The team is offering free, unlimited access to its newsletter technology to anyone who wants to send out a COVID-19 related newsletter, no matter the size of the email distribution list and how often they want to send the letter. More than 1,000 organizations have signed up to use to send regular newsletters, so is using its worldwide footprint to help reach more people with reliable COVID-19 content.

Tech Leaders Get Creative, Help New Orleanians Manage the COVID-19 Crisis

Silion Bayou

To improve communication and stop the spread of misinformation, New Orleans tech companies are offering their software for free for the duration of the COVID-19 crisis. 

N.O. Company Offers Free AI-Powered Email Newsletter Platform

Biz New Orleans

Local tech company announced the release of a free, self-service newsletter platform to businesses and nonprofits who want to create personalized email content based on subscribers’ individual interests. Launches Second-Generation AI Powered Newsletter Platform

Silicon Bayou News by Julia Ballard

New Orleans-based software company uses artificial intelligence to send smart newsletters, meaning a unique newsletter to every subscriber. The company rolled out their second-generation, completely customized newsletter platform earlier this month. 


EOFire podcast Amith Nagarajan John Lee Dumas

Why Every Business Needs a Great Newsletter with Amith Nagarajan

EO 360°: A podcast by the Entrepreneurs’ Organization

Amith is the founder of – a company that makes it incredibly easy for any business to send a great newsletter. is a platform that is easy to use and automates the steps in creating a newsletter to allow anyone to send a fantastic newsletter on a frequent basis. In addition to making it easy, uses AI to personalize the content for every reader automatically, which results in much better performance.

Tech Investor Entrepreneur | Amith Nagarajan

EO 360°: A podcast by the Entrepreneurs’ Organization

Starting a business is already a monumental task–but creating a highly successful one at age 17 is even more harrowing! But, that’s exactly what Amith Nagarajan was able to do with his company, Aptify. Aptify is a purpose-driven company that provides technology and services to those that need it around the world. Listen in as Amith shares his incredible story–from learning to code at 8 years old, to creating Aptify at 17, and then ultimately to selling it to a highly respected company in the industry.

EP103: The Secrets of a Perfect Email Newsletter with Amith Nagarajan, Founder of

Digital Marketer

Email newsletters have slyly made their comeback and now that everyone seems to have one, the question is—how do we make a newsletter that stands out from the crowd? In this episode, Amith Nagarajan, founder at, explains why newsletters are so effective, how to be an active and empathetic ear towards your customers, and how to use your newsletter to build relationships and drive sales.

Dog Dating Email

It’s New Orleans

On this edition of out to Lunch, Peter Ricchiuti and Christiaan Mader discuss the daily ritual of deleting email, but not dog dating email.


The Brief: AI-powered email marketing based on user behavior

The Brief by Spectrum Labs

We dive into the world of AI-fueled email marketing with Amith Nagarajan, Executive Chairman and Founder of is the first-ever platform to create “smart newsletters” based on user behavior and artificial intelligence.

LSB 10 – OZ’s, Smart Newsletters & Remote Work Jimmy Flores, Amith Nagarajan & Dr. Alison Macintyre

Life.Style.Business by Launch Pad

We dive into the world of AI-fueled email marketing with Amith Nagarajan, Executive Chairman and Founder of is the first-ever platform to create “smart newsletters” based on user behavior and artificial intelligence.

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