🐊 Pushing Send #37 Why you need to rethink your approach to welcome emails | October 08, 2020

“I think a lot of people—especially in SaaS—have this disconnect between the way they would speak to a human being and the way they would sit down to write… The number one thing that I think people should be doing across whatever emails they’re sending is giving their readers a chance to give feedback.” — Lianna Patch


Hello there.

How do you gather insight from members/clients/customers? Most businesses tend to agree that getting customer feedback is vital. But we fall short when it comes to asking for said feedback on a regular basis.

An email newsletter is a useful tool for learning more about customers. Check out copywriter Lianna Patch’s advice for easy ways to solicit open-ended feedback in your marketing emails and newsletters.

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Why you need to rethink your approach to welcome emails.

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