A time to listen | June 04, 2020

Hi everyone,

To be honest, we don’t feel like talking about email this week. The Black community is in pain. We see you. We support you. But words alone are not enough. It’s our responsibility to listen, to learn/unlearn and to act.

Here at home-dev.rasa.io, we are working to observe and better understand how different forms of racism surface in our communities, workplace and actions. We are discussing how to use our abilities and resources to support the Black community, and other marginalized communities, as we work to better inform the world.


To start, we want to share anti-racism resources that people have been compiling. Here are links that we’ve found useful. 

This list of anti-racism resources for beginners.

This allyship starter pack.

A syllabus for anti-racist reading.

This Carrd with ways to act.

This Instagram post with 6 ways to activate beyond social media


On writing email: Always put empathy first. “The more human you can be right now, the more honest and transparent you can be at this moment, the better.” Rethink the black box. This is how others are speaking up.

Until next week.

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