Better Writing Month: Tackling writer’s block | July 30, 2020

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Better Writing Month is upon us. For the uninitiated–we here at are dedicating the next month of email newsletters to tips and tools to help you improve your writing. We have a feeling that you, like us, do a lot of writing for work, from marketing emails to social media to blog posts. Let’s level up our writing game.

Where to start? How about the inability to start? Writing that is. The much-dreaded writer’s block. Even successful creative writers get stuck. As writer Colson Whitehead puts it: “Writer’s block for me is a question I haven’t solved yet… I trust that in 2 hours, 2 days, or 2 months I will eventually answer it.” What if your writing can’t wait two months? How do you hit reset?

We like this tip from the Reedsy blog: Find a quiet spot (very important!) and set a timer for 10 minutes. Write what comes to mind. You don’t need to stick to a topic. Just put words to paper (or word processor) for 10 minutes. The goal is to erode the self-doubt/fear/anxiety that fills the chasm between writing and not writing.

Another tip? Hit the showers. Often rote tasks like showering, folding laundry or doing the dishes can free up thoughts. We also like these tools/resources to help you work through writer’s block.

Draw It Out: When words are scarce it can help to lay out thoughts in a more visual format. Check out the Inkflow app, which describes itself as a visual thinker’s notebook.

Cut the Cord (Kinda): Writing requires uninterrupted time during which to work. Achieving that takes more than retreating to a quiet physical space. You may also need to intermittently quit the internet. Check out Cold Turkey, which offers a free app and website blocker to help you focus on writing. Freedom is a paid app with the same aim.

Like Google for Ideas: Scratching for ideas? Check out brainstorming tools like IMPACT’s Blog About, or HubSpot’s Blog Ideas Generator.

Beating Writer’s Block: Creator Austin McConnell has a great video breaking down two types of writer’s block and what to do about it. It speaks to creative writers, but applies to workplace writing as well. 

Have your own methods for overcoming writer’s block? Share them with Jen at

We’ll see you next week with more writing tips,

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