We’re declaring August as Better Writing Month | July 23, 2020

Hi there,

Writing is tough. Writing well? Even tougher. How many times have you sat in front of your computer, a blank document or email on the screen and just… waited? It’s like watching for a pot of water to boil or sitting in traffic. We have a general understanding of what we’re doing, but also why must it be so bleh?

That said, writing is so (so!) important to our work lives. Writing is critical in marketing. (Marketing is, after all, “getting the word out.”) Even all those little convos that used to be the hallmark of office life are shifting to writing as more jobs go remote.

That’s why we’re nominating this August as the month of writing better. Writing, like any skill, takes practice. That (unfortunately) means lots of staring at the computer screen. Lots of reading as well. On the flip side, there’s a wealth of great resources for honing your writing skills available online. Here are few we like. We’ll be sharing more writing resources over the next few weeks.

Until next week!

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