10 Words You’re Definately Spelling Wrong | August 20, 2020

Hi folks,

We hope this week is treating you well. Let’s talk about words. They can be tricky little creatures, no? English words especially.

Pop quiz: Do you accomodate or accommodate your customers? (Answer below.)

A spelling error has the uncanny ability to snuff out even the brightest written idea. It’s the ultimate credibility killer. Yet they still manage to sneak into our emails and proposals. What to do? We like this advice from NPR editor Susan Vavrick: Read your copy from bottom to top to catch errors you might have glossed over before

Pro Tip: Watch your spell check tool like you would a toddler. Very carefully.

The 10 Most Commonly Misspelled English Words

… are tracked each year by Oxford Dictionary. They are:

  1. publically → publicly
  2. pharoah → pharaoh*
  3. definately → definitely
  4. goverment → government (don’t forget that n)
  5. seperate → separate
  6. occured → occurred (two r’s)
  7. untill → until
  8. recieve → receive
  9. wich → which
  10. accomodate → accommodate (two c’s and two m’s)

*Wild card! If this word has ever come up in your workplace writing, please hit reply now and tell us about it. We have a feeling there’s a good story there.

Data shows spelling confusion even varies by geography. Check out this graphic from Google Trends.


📖 6 Tips For Catching Writing Mistakes: “Every time you read it the same way, you read less of it and recite more of it from memory. This is how you miss errors.”

📖 A Quick Guide To Effective Proofreading: Four steps to becoming a better proofreader plus examples of common surface errors in writing.

📖 20 Of The Worst Typos Ever: Cringeworthy marketing typos that inspired us to quadruple-read this email copy.

Happy spelling! We’ll see you next week.

-Team home-dev.rasa.io

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