The 3-B Plan for Making Cold Leads 🔥 | August 13, 2020

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We hope your week is off to a good start. This week we’re talking about writing emails to people you don’t know. We bet you write A LOT of cold emails. You also hate reading cold emails. Therein lies the challenge.

Question: How much time do you dedicate to crafting emails?

Good emails (read: emails that get responses) take time to write. It’s not unusual to spend 15 minutes or more finding the right words. Freelance editor Erin Greenawald schedules time on her calendar for writing important emails.

But remember: More time spent writing ≠ writing longer emails.

An Easy Cold Email Approach

…is the 3-B formula. It stands for:

  • Brief → Keep it short

  • Blunt → Get to the point

  • Basic → Keep it simple

Research shows short and direct emails resonate more. Take this cold email from Morning Brew to Mark Cuban for example.


📖 Fearless Cold Emailing: Marketer Sachit Gupta’s email writing tip? Post a photo of the person you’re emailing. 

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📖 The 6 Best Cold Emails Ever Sent: Sales Hacker gives insight on winning cold emails and why they worked (with examples).

Have a cold email tip to share? Email Jen Larino at

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