Storytelling + Your Brand = $$$ | August 06, 2020

Good morning!

What helps get you through a not-so-great workday?

For marketer Barbara Granner it’s this old clipping she pinned to the bulletin board by her desk years ago to help her through creative blocks.

Granner turns to the cutout for a smile when work—specifically writing—feels more like rock climbing than a walk in the park. It’s a reminder to appreciate the process and not be so serious. That she’s not alone. That even the worst case of writer’s block can be defeated. (It can! See our tips.)

Sometimes all it takes is a well-worn cartoon clipping to give us the nudge we need to keep on keepin’ on.

We humans like stories like these. Stories connect us. They can also take abstract concepts—life, heartbreak, where all those lost socks go—and make them tangible. That holds true for marketing writing. Think about testimonials and product reviews. They work because they tell a story about an experience, a brand and a lifestyle.

Here are 3 tips for effective storytelling:

  • Find your hero. Good stories have a relatable protagonist.
  • Start strong. Put the most interesting bits first. 
  • Highlight the hurdles. What is standing in the way of your hero’s goal? It can be something big or small.

For this Better Writing Month newsletter we encourage you to use storytelling to boost connect with your audience and elevate your brand. Listen for stories from customers, your kids or a colleague.

You can even share what you hear with Jen Larino at We’re always up for a good story.

In that vein here are some things worth sharing this week.

 7 Brilliant Examples of Brand Storytelling. A look at how brands like Warby Parker and Bacardi use stories to connect with customers. 

 The Art of Storytelling in Steps. What goes into the process of storytelling? This HubSpot guide breaks it down.

 6 Storytelling Trends for Marketers. Dark social. VR headsets. The Digital Marketing Institute gives a look at the trends shaping storytelling.

Happy storyhunting! We’ll see you next week.


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