Communication and Marketing Solutions for Community Banks

Community Banks can now offer valued services not found at regional banks.  Retain market share, gain new customers and keep your institution top of mind all while linking your customers to their own areas of interest and importance for their businesses with a smart newsletter. Here is an opportunity to forge a new relationship and remain part of it.

Every newsletter sent is completely customized to each subscriber’s preferences.
Set the schedule and the content needed to fill your newsletter will be pulled in automatically.
Gain the ability to promote internal content while also providing relevant external content.
Watch your open and click rates soar by providing quality content.

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Robert Baer

Fidelity Bank

Over time, as users interact with their newsletter, it delivers more desired content based on subjects of interest to them.”

Marketing for Community Banks

Today, using advanced, affordable technology, your bank can assist its commercial loan market clients, retail and mortgage lending customers and institutional organizations in their daily efforts to promote and develop their own business interests.  This is accomplished by enabling each of them in the sharing of targeted, relevant and timely content in a professional newsletter format that is targeted to their individual needs.

More for Community Bank Teams…

More for Community Banks Teams…

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