Stay in touch with your customers.

But do it in a relevant, non-salesy way.


Individually created for everyone.

Sure, you’re already segmenting your emails – but are you segmenting to a group of one? Every newsletter you send out with is completely custom to each one of your subscribers. Readers will (finally) love everything you send them.

For example:

Right now, you may be sending all of the squirrels on your list the same content about acorns and the monkeys the same content about bananas.

But when sends their smart newsletter, each individual squirrel receives unique content about acorns depending on their individual interests. That may be recipes, the best trees to harvest from, or current trends of acorns in fashion. And the monkeys each receive unique banana content too.


Set it and forget it.

Customize the frequency, day, and time, that your newsletter goes out. Choose the schedule that best suits you and your audience. And then kick back and relax. All the content needed to fill your newsletter will be fetched automatically.

For example:

Both Monkey and Squirrel wake up with the sun and start their days early. So, sends their newsletter at 7am each day to catch their subscribers first thing.

Metrics and reporting

Watch your engagement metrics multiply.

Start sending smart newsletters and watch your open and click rates soar. When your audience likes what they’re reading, they’ll want to read more. Build trust and value in your brand by providing quality content, whether it’s written in house or pulled from another external source.

For example: checks their reports to see what their most clicked on topics are to plan their future blog posts.

Create your own newsletter with

It’s easy and free to start.

Strategic insights

Learn the interests of each individual subscriber.

Learn about your individual subscribers and their unique interests, not just your audience as a whole.

For example:

Click in to Matty the Monkey’s profile to see when they opened your last newsletter, when they first subscribed, and what topics they’re most interested in.

Content featuring

Feature any article you choose.

Boost any article within a newsletter, written in-house or pulled from another source, to make sure that all of your readers see it.

For example:

When writes a blog post comparing the newest King of the Jungle candidates, they make sure to boost it so their whole animal audience receives it.

Integrate your apps

Easily link your most important business tools.

Don’t worry about having to manually update your apps. Connect your other business tools with in just a few quick clicks.

For example:

New customers can be automatically subscribed to‘s newsletter when they’re added to Hubspot.