Affiliate Program Application

Our #1 goal is to increase the number of newsletters being sent. Send us new users and earn $50 each time you refer a new sender.

Here are the details:  

  1. Fill out this application
  2. After application approval, you will receive a unique URL, use this on social media, blog posts, and in emails. This special URL must be used as it is the only way we know you sent us the visitor.
  3. We credit your account for each new user you send us. We apply this credit after their newsletter goes out 4 times to 100 or more recipients. This credit is what we call a “New Sender Bonus” 
  4. Each “New Sender Bonus” is worth $50, added to your earnings.
  5. Once a month we send $ your way 😀

That’s it. Just fill out this application to let us know the basics about you and we’ll review it promptly and get back to you. Thanks!